Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Special Memories

I have a wonderful memory of being on a school bus going to downtown Chicago for a field trip to one of the local newspapers.  This was a very special day for me because it was the first time my dad was a chaperone on one of my class field trips.  This was a moment in time that makes me smile thinking about it.  I remember the day very well because not only did we spend time learning about how a newspaper gets all put together, we ate our lunches in an area I was very familiar with.  We spent time at Lincoln Park Zoo and it is across the street from where my dad at the time lived.  What a special day of getting to hang out with your dad, holding his hand, spending time with him and yes kind of showing off at the same time.

When I became a parent on March 11, 2003 around 5:04 AM, I wanted to create those special memories as well.  Because of that field trip as a kid that memory helped me realize why it is so crucial for dads to be part of their kids’ lives.  That day had such a profound impact on me all because of simply asking my dad to be a chaperone. 

Not only have I been on several field trips with my son Connor but we do guy trips back to Chicago for the past three summers.  My dad and I took trips together when I was a kid and had a lot of fun.  My dad took me places where I learned how to water ski and Foos ball.  With Connor we have been to the sites and sounds of “The Windy City” that includes Wrigley Field, The Bean and Chicago Pizza. 

When I hear about stories that I have read on-line or in the news paper about when kids have achieved an award and they talk about the influence that their dad made on them; those stories just make me think.  I think of the first trip to Chicago with Connor.  This was the first time he and I were on a plane together and I had asked the pilot if I could take a picture of Connor in the cock pit.  When he said yes, it was like I just won the lottery.  These are just some stories to show why we as dads need to be there for our kids.  I have special memories with my dad and have created ones with my son; you keep on doing it as well.

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