Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And the answer is......

I was recently asked to guest blog for a local website.  They wanted me to simply write why it is so important for kids and their dads be together.  As I thought of the answer to the question the old parenting phrase of “because I said so” was, well not the correct or even an answer.  I had to think back of my own relationship with my dad but also my friends as well.  I remember my times hanging out with my friends or during the school year having assemblies.  During that period of my childhood I can still remember seeing more moms then dads at school events.  SO again to the question of why do kids need their dads?

I am a parent and for the first two years of my son’s life on this planet I was a stay at home dad.  I LOVED every minute of knowing I got to be part of his life and help him learn early on.  He and I would go to one of the local malls and just bond.  We would go to the park or get brakes put on the car.  I wanted to create the relationship that I felt growing up had been missing because of my parents divorce.  Oh my gosh the mistakes I made trying to learn about how to be a dad and to take care of a baby were both scary and wonderful at the same time.

Tonight I was checking hockey scores and came across a story from one of my favorite writers who lives here in Colorado and that is Rick Reilly.  The story is on the front page of ESPN.com website.  It is about a little boy who had a very bad seizure and ended up not able to walk.  I am sitting here crying about this story because the story deals with the child’s family but also a football player who is also a dad (I can not do the story justice so please check it out).  This story hit home to me because of having a son who is around this little boys age and the bond the little boy has with this football player.  I kept thinking of how much I miss my son. 

When I am at out and about I am one of those people watchers and I get a huge smile on my face seeing dads or grandfathers with the kid’s.  I see the smiles on both the adults and kid’s faces of that special bond.  I am fully aware that we have different bonds with our moms VS our dads.  I have a awesome relationship with my mom and I do not give her enough credit of raising me.  The main point is again why do kids need to have their dads?

I still have no clue and tossing out statistics bores me to death.  I believe that kids do need both parents to be involved in their lives.  I am so tired of hearing the phrase “deadbeat dads” well guess what there are moms out there as well.  Yes I do have a point and that is kids do really need their dads oh and yes their moms too.  Still our original question was specifically of why kids need their dads.  I have pondered this question and may even moseyed while pondering this question.   The best answer that I have come up with is really the one I should have stuck with in the first place.  The final answer is??  Because I said so.

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